LecFono is an app designed to help children learn to read. It is a useful tool for all children who have dyslexia and for all other kids in the beginning of their learning process.

Practicing reading in a fun way for five minutes each day with Lecfono app advances learning the mechanics needed for reading.  The result is a faster and fluent reading capacity of the child.

LecFono Pro version is designed for speech therapists and other professionals working in the educational world. This tool provides detailed information of children’s advances and facilitates the professional work.

At the moment Lecfono is only available for iPad in Spanish and Catalan languages and only in the Spanish AppStore. We keep on forward to add more languages and to enlarge the market area. To read more about the app please visit our pages in Spanish or in Catalan.

CAT - Descobreix Lecfono

ES - Descubre Lecfono

LecFono Privacy Policy

The version for families and kids.

The version for professional speech therapists and prfessors.

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We are a team of professionals in language and new technologies based in Barcelona. Our aim is to develop applications that support the learning process of reading and writing for children aged between 5 and 12 years.

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